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Dark White

They are the darkest of days, they are the whitest of days.

The dark brings light.

Sheep bathing in the lights of the Aurora Borealis

Then Storm Caroline

Rough Seas of Talmine

along with some of the White Stuff

Beautiful pink skies and snowy gardens

Sunrises to remember as the year winds to an end.

Some more snow photos from our very local area.

Bruisers favourite weather

Local trees looking amazing in the snow

Crunchy snow at it’s best

A very merry Christmas from us all at The Woodlife Way.

Stay warm and safe. x

May Day May Day …

Snowing outside this morning again! Didn’t matter though as had housework to do ready for tonight’s bed and breakfast guests….
When finally we did venture outside the snow had stopped and although there was still a cold wind backing from the north the sun was trying ever so hard to break the clouds.
We started on the wood pile again around 11ish but had to make constant breaks – bread to take out, another loaf to put on etc! Emails, bookings etc. However by the end of play today we can see the wall at the bottom of the garden again! Hooray! Just in time for Guests arrival – which means that at breakfast tomorrow they will be able to see the Kyle! Double hooray!
Beautiful afternoon and the sunset was a corker with the sunlight turning a large cloud over Ben Hope a gorgeous red whilst also casting a ray of light on the top of Ben Loyal, stunning stuff.
Our guests, after returning from the Tongue Hotel, spent the rest of the evening with us, a lovely evening – so far the B&B hosting is a most enjoyable experience!


The view returns


and then this


what a lovely end to an evening

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