Pictish Stag

Here are some of our pyrographed Pictish design key-rings.

Please email us : thewoodlifeway@me.com to order directly from us Don’t forget to tell us your chosen designs.

£5.50 = p&p at cost.

Pictish hounds

Pictish V rod

Keyring Display. All materials made from trees grown at Dunrobin Castle

There are some beautiful rich reds in the Cherry Keyrings’ at the top of the display and Amazing yellow green hues in the Sea Buckthorn Keyrings’ at the bottom. Oak Keyrings £3 EachBeautiful natural Oak Keyrings £4.50 Each

Cherrywood Keyrings

Cherry wood Keyrings £4.50 Each

Cherry, Oak, and Rowan,Keyring's.

Apple, Cherry, Oak, Rowan, and Spruce Keyring’s.

Rowan Keyrings £3 Each

Rowan Keyrings £4.50 Each