A beautiful sunny day again today. The sun is melting the hard frost from yesterday, the snow is almost melted from the mountain tops, the primroses are starting to appear! but it’s not over yet – is it? I for one certainly have a feeling that the bulk of snow hasn’t arrived yet. We did have a fair amount in january that only hung around for a couple of days. I am personally hoping for snowfall in the last days of February (for my Birthday!). Hopefully warming up again before lambing.

Sun shining through the last of the ice today 12th February.

Sun through Ice

Sunrising at Talmine Harbour 30th January

sunrise at Talmine Harbour


The Little stone bridge and just a slight covering of snow left on Ben Hope in the background. Today 12th February.

Little stone bridge

I really like this photo and would love to have it printed on Canvas, If anyone would like a print please email us


The dog watching Steve taking the photo. Just because he likes to be a part of everything.

The dog watching Steve taking the photo.

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