Our internet data allowance is all gone and we are only able to go online between 11pm and 7am until 20th July when our new monthly allowance starts.

Hence our Night owl status!

We have had to email all of our guests to let them know this, in case it affects their plans.

It’s been a while since our last post, we have been choc-o-bloc with the guest room and the buttons have had a pretty good month too. It really has been a struggle to keep up with all the tasks.

We have met more wonderful guests whom I hope we will stay in contact with and meet again.

We have also achieved “super host” status through our booking site airbnb which is great, means we are doing something right and our guests are appreciating it too. We would also like to thank all of our lovely guests for leaving such great reviews.

We have had our second outing into the local crafting community in our neighbouring village of Bettyhill. We had a great time and met lots more local crafters, Spinners, weavers, jewelry makers, A “Jumping Goat” cheese maker!, wood turners, Tree and plant grower. Etc. We bought some Sea Buckthorn plants to put on the croft as we have found they make really interesting buttons and tree charms.


The wild orchids have absolutely flourished this last month. There are areas which are just covered , as far as you can see – Northern marsh Orchid, the Common and Heath Spotted, the Fragrant and the fantastic Butterfly Orchids.


There have been many more days than expected where we can’t actually see past the garden wall through the mist. It has hung around for a whole evening and through to the next afternoon this is a first for us.

There have been some lovely red skies in the evenings too. It seems as though our family and friends down south are having quite a summer of it, ours has not quite kicked in yet.

I don’t want to speak too soon, but so far there have been almost no small flying insects around! In fact since we have lived here we have not had any bother with them yet! Even less horse flies (cleggs) than down south and almost no wasps, which really were pests further down the country. We are still regularly lighting fires, which we hadn’t expected to be doing in July.


We are happy to report that 2 of the 3 Osprey chicks have successfully fledged at Loch of the Lowes yesterday, just one left to take its maiden flight. It will probably fledge today I will check just before I publish this if I remember!

We are starting to get excited about our holiday with family in August now. Trying not to plan anything as it is so easy to just say, “we can do that when we are on holiday” to every task that needs doing!

Steve is very much looking forward to an odd G&T in the afternoon I am sure, I am looking forward to having some spare time to watch some Otters and maybe get some paints out!

The wood has arrived for us to build our second bed , so the one that we built out of pallets (double) will be taken down and replaced with a builders board and fence post king-size then all of the linen will be interchangeable etc.

Also looking forward to making our own pasta for the first time and hopefully always.