Two exciting happenings to report today

1: our firewood was delivered – all 25 tons of it! Hooray! (Nearly in time for the summer!) However it’s taken up most of the bottom of the garden and in some places partially blocks the view – so that’ll be the job for the next few days – move the wood… So that guests will be able to see beyond the stack. Not complaining though, it represents warmth…. Although we did look at it and also think ‘Man, that’s a lot of buttons!’ It arrived at 8pm this evening and lo and behold three cars needed to pass in the 20 minutes it took to crane of the timber.

forestry lorry

forestry lorry

can't see the mountains through the trees

can’t see the mountains through the trees








2: We finally got our awaited letter from the crofting commission. All is good and we should be fully-fledged crofters by 25th June. Lets just hope we haven’t bitten off more than we can chew!

We did manage to get some of our interestingly shaped newly finished beech buttons onto the new hessian backing amidst all the excitement.


beech buttons

beech buttons




The promised fauna update is still a little lacking due to the cold spell. Last week it was more spring like and it felt as if the seasons were changing – but everything seems to have stopped for the mo. What was around last week is all that’s around this week – dog violets, gorse flowers, buds starting to break on the trees – and in some sheltered areas the first few leaves, catkins on the willow – including creeping dwarf willow (a new and interesting discovery this one and we like it’s name!), the fruit bushes have flowers and the butterwort leaves are starting to emerge. The mosses and lichens appear to be turning greener too and every once in a while you come across the tiny flowers of the Devils matchstick (also known as British Soldiers) – and that’s about it! So when more happens ‘out there’ more will happen on here.


british soldiers