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Month: November 2015

Winter is coming!

The first met office named storm has been and gone, Abigail – we were fortunate that the winds didn’t seem to cause too many problems here, we had stronger winds a few days later on an un-named storm and the gale last week that whipped the cold North wind into the house was certainly felt more than Abigail – these same winds brought the first true taste of Winter and gave us the first proper snow on the mountains. A day later and the snow was also falling on us – winter is coming!


First Snow on Ben Loyal 20/11/15

First Snow on Ben Loyal 20/11/15

First Snow on Ben Hope 20/11/15

First Snow on Ben Hope 20/11/15

We have been hard at work on all fronts recently – building up the button, coasters and keyring stock ready for Christmas and a couple of local craft fairs (yay! Another excuse to dress like a pirate….!) and to try and build the etsy shop back up. 


New stock for the craft fairs

Sea Buckthron Coasters

Sea Buckthron Coasters Click on photo to buy in Etsy shop.


New Coasters

We are still getting bnb bookings too! This has surprised us so late in the season, especially with the nights really drawing in – however it does give our guests a chance to view the stars (something we take for granted) and the Northern lights – which have been putting on some excellent and prolonged displays recently – there’s no other words than utterly amazing for this experience. It is an unexpected bonus of living here that our back window fortuitously faces North, with no light pollution – so when the lights display if the weather is right we will see them

Latest attempt to photograph the Northern Lights

Latest attempt to photograph the Northern Lights



Latest attempt to photograph the Northern Lights


Latest attempt to photograph the Northern Lights

The croft is also starting to get some attention, we have started to fix some of the fallen fences and plan which sections will need to be enclosed from livestock and have discussions on what to plant and where, how to fence or hedge. We are also sending out emails to apple tree growers for prices and research etc. 

It’s good to get things under way – we are looking forward to a more productive croft.

We have started an Instagram account – we have been told that it is an easier way to blog – it’s under the name thewoodlifeway (, we’ll see how it goes… The only problem is with our satellite internet allowance we can only upload pictures between 11pm-7am. Sometimes after a busy day it’s not always easy staying awake!!!

A very quick last note to add from our walk on the beach last night. There was some activity on the shoreline which on closer inspection was an otter and 2 Hooded crows. It was a beautiful sight to see, they stayed there for about 10 minutes and it was dark by the time they moved on. I got as close as I could because I only had my camera which does not have a zoom. I haven’t managed to upload the photos yet so am not sure if they came out. I will look later. On closer inspection I realised that they were eating a Cormorant! That was a surprise.

Otter on the beach

Otter on the beach

“Aurora Borealis” Northern Lights” Accommodation

We have a room free for the predicted Aurora borealis activity over the next few days. From the look of the forecast it is looking to be really good, but please do your own research as we are still have much to learn. Nobody can guarantee a a “Northern light show” show. This is what is forecast at the moment on Aurora forecast eu
Predicted kp numbers for the next 3 days:
Time now in UTC (Universal Time) is: 10:58 01/11/15

Nov 01 Nov 02 Nov 03

00-03UT 3 3 6 (G2)

03-06UT 3 4 6 (G2)

06-09UT 2 6 (G2) 5 (G1)

09-12UT 2 5 (G1) 5 (G1)

12-15UT 2 6 (G2) 5 (G1)

15-18UT 2 6 (G2) 5 (G1)

18-21UT 2 7 (G3) 4

21-00UT 2 6 (G2) 4

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