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Month: September 2015

Absolutely fabulous

This has been the most amazing week; we went from seeing hardly anything of the mountains in front of the house to having the best summer weather we would have wished for. It has been mostly bright sunshine, with a lovely breeze and clear skies. The seals have returned to the sandbanks in front of the house in fact the highest number we have seen this year, they have been so playful too.

We have finally made a start on cutting and stacking the firewood, whereas all through “summer” we have been cutting and using it.

We have also managed to work on some stock for the shops, because although a lot of the waxing drilling and presentation can be done inside it is not possible to cut and sand unless we have some dry weather.

The Sparrow hawk is becoming a regular visitor which both fantastic for us, and unnerving for the little birds.

Sparrow Hawk in the garden

Sparrow Hawk in the garden

Sparrow Hawk in the garden

Sparrow Hawk in the garden

We have had some absolutely fabulous guests, who we will not forget. Some of our guests stay in touch, which is really lovely. We do count ourselves very lucky of late.

We have been truly humbled by some of the very kind words we have received in our guest book and our online reviews.

To top it all off we have watched the Northern Lights from the window 3 nights in a row. Although they have not been spectacular they still bring a sense of awe. We feel very privileged to be lucky enough to be able to view them from our windows, it makes it all the more special when you can share the experience with guests that have not seen them before. Some of our guests hadn’t realized that it is even possible to see them in Scotland.

We do however need to find out how to adjust the shutter speed on the Lumix DMC-FZ45 if anyone knows please email us on

We are currently using an automatic “starry night” setting so the pictures are……… not good!

I forgot to mention the Treasure! Steve found treasure at low tide so that will be the next instalment!

beautiful sunsets with Scottish Heather thrown in for a local touch


Northern Lights “Aurora Borealis “

1 quick photo, I will update the blog later. We have a guest room free for tonight with a great forecast for The “Aurora Borealis”

Both rooms got booked at the last minute and our lovely guests did get to see a display.

We took this photo from the bedroom window last night with a normal camera. We will research how to photograph them properly.

"Aurora Borealis "  "northern lights"

“Aurora Borealis ” “northern lights”

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