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A very snowy start to the new year

Some photo’s of the very snowy start to 2018 in The Scottish Highlands. Absolutely beautiful. The best seat in the garden to watch 

a snowy garden wall with the sun rising above the snowy mountains across The Kyle of Tongue 20/1/2018

not a day for driving, a wonderful day for walking

the horses taking it all in their stride and having a nap in the snow.

we have been very busy with the woodcrafts making new stock for our retail outlets. These are heading to Barn Owl Bothy arts and craft shop in the beautiful cathedral city of Dornoch. This is a Cherrywood feature button with a tartan backing on our handmade paper finished with a string and stick to hang beautifully in your craft space before use, which also makes a beautiful presentation as a gift.

this is a beautiful little cherrywood keyring with we think would make a lovely gift for valentines day.

this is slightly bigger and works well as a little tea light holder or shot glass place mat. With a Scottish knot work Highland heart design . These are heading with our new stock to Barn owl Bothy in Dornoch. If you would like a special design then please contact us with your requests.


The thaw has now started and the new year is taking shape. Our guest room calendar is filling up fast  and we are starting to book our craft stalls for the coming year at the Highland game fairs and local craft markets. We are trying to build up some new stock as well as replenish our favourite lines which are diminishing fast. We are hoping to plant some new fragrant herbs for our essential oils and some more coppice trees on the croft. The shelter belt needs to be thickened to protect the fruit trees as the willow is taking so much longer to grow up here on such an exposed site. The deer help themselves too which does not help! We are really trying to hold off having to put up deer fencing and hoping to plant a ratio which will leave us enough even with them taking a few. Maybe wishful thinking but only time will tell. That’s it for now as it is now almost 7am and our free zone internet will allowance finishes at 7am.

Dark White

They are the darkest of days, they are the whitest of days.

The dark brings light.

Sheep bathing in the lights of the Aurora Borealis

Then Storm Caroline

Rough Seas of Talmine

along with some of the White Stuff

Beautiful pink skies and snowy gardens

Sunrises to remember as the year winds to an end.

Some more snow photos from our very local area.

Bruisers favourite weather

Local trees looking amazing in the snow

Crunchy snow at it’s best

A very merry Christmas from us all at The Woodlife Way.

Stay warm and safe. x

Our latest Tree Charm designs.

Here are a selection of our latest Tree Charms. They are handmade from natural local wood and have Scottish Highland themed designs burnt into them. Where would you hang yours? They also make lovely little gifts. We are selling them at £3.50 each or we have sets of 4 for £10.00 Please email us to order your favourite designs. We will make to order if possible. Postage will be at cost. A small parcel is £2.90 this will hold quite a few.We estimate that you could get about 6 in a large letter which is only £1.00.

You can also find them for sale in The BarnOwl Bothy Art and craft shop opposite Dornoch Cathedral along with many other unique one off pieces of art from local artists and crafters.

Melness food and craft fair

What a lovely community day it was on Saturday at Melness food and craft fair. There was such a great vibe all afternoon.

So much hard work and community spirit goes on in getting an event like this together, which is so rewarding when you see the buzz of everyone enjoying the day.
The hall was packed all afternoon, Steve was great behind our Stall, (The Woodlife way handmade wood crafts), not least because he was actually tall enough to see over the stand! and Bruiser was not so much keeping a watchful eye on the stall as sleeping right in the way so that you had to stand astride him! 

A selection of our new hooks and toilet roll holders

Jumping goats dairy were there with their amazing hand made artisan cheeses from their free range goat herd. Click on the cheese to go their Facebook page.

Jumpin goats dairy cheeses

Jumpin goats dairy cheeses

Jumpin goats dairy cheeses

Fiona Macfarlanes brought her Lighthouse Crafts from Strathy point lighthouse, what an incredible workplace.

Lighthouse Crafts

The old shop at Melness. Brought some beautiful crafts tweeds and throws etc. Don’t forget to call in when you are in the area, next door to Tommy’s (Melness post office and shop)

The old shop at Melness.

The old shop at Melness.

The old shop at Melness.

Karen and Vince homegrown Skinnet gardens fruit, veg and Jams (mostly sold out by the time I took the Photo).

Skinnet gardens fruit, veg

Skinnet gardens jam

Multi talented Riona was painting faces, not just of the children!

Riona  painting faces.

As always the baking table was a great hit, you just cant beat all those home baked cakes. Sadly my photo’s started late into the event and so many of the cakes had already been sold! We did manage to secure an amazing apricot cake though just in time.

Kirsteen has been Riona’d

Kirsteen on duty at the cake stall

This is just a snippet of a great event, there were also cards, knitting, tom bola, raffle and what with fresh strawberries and cream teas too, who could ask for more. A great day was had by all. Well done everyone.x


The longest day 2017

The longest day 2017

Wow, the longest day already and temperatures are starting to soar. With many friends living in the south having a hard time with temperatures passing the 30C mark and today is set to be even hotter.

Our guests headed of west yesterday to explore the Loch Hope, Loch Erribol and Durness area. We headed east to Duncansby head, The truest North-eastern tip of the UK, temperatures there I would estimate at around 15C with a fresh cool breeze making it perfect for a stroll. With those awe inspiring views of the towering Duncansby Sea stacks which makes you feel the size of a grain of sand.

Sometimes these very special places help us connect with our living, breathing, evolving planet that we call home. Nowhere is the saying “leave only footprints” more apparent than in these last untouched un-spoilt wildernesses.

The Fulmar filled crags were alive with frantic activity and the air filled with excited cries of the seabirds breeding site.

It is a spectacular sight with so many different species all going about their chores of survival. The top cliff ledges filled with Fulmar, the bottom ledges belong to the amazing Guilimot, the Arctic Skua patrolling the air just ahead of the cliff edge, and the amazing little Puffins and Pufflings in the grassy burrows among the thrift. What an absoloutely perfect day.

Many recent sightings of cetacean including Orca kept me at the cliff edge for a while although I was not long enough, no tick there.

We have had so many wonderful guests already this season, however so many of them stay for only 1 night and our time with them is brief. Some of our guests stay in touch with us which is really lovely. Some guests share the experiences of their stay in our area, We have permission to share with you some drone footage which hovers over our house and croft, and also flies all along the our beautiful beach, and along the neighbouring strath, we hope you enjoy it. I cannot upload video here so you will need to CLICK THE LINK TO WATCH VIDEO. Drone footage and photo’s

We also have permission to share one of our lovely guests beautifully engaging blogs of her experience of the North Coast 500 trip, which includes her stay with us. (day 3 into day 4) We hope you enjoy it, maybe like or comment on her page if you do. Thank you so much Sarah for your very kind words, we look forward to your return.x

I couldn’t find a link to the whole trip so here is a link to our part of the journey Sarah Mason Photography North coast 500 blog day 4 and if you click around you will find the rest of the trip with much information for anyone contemplating the NC500

We hope you enjoy our photo blog below which will bring us up to present day. It is currently June 21st, 17C outside, seals are on the sandbanks, cows are out the back, Steve took some photos of the Deer passing our bedroom window this morning at sunrise.

Rainbow over the house and landing in the Kyle.

Heartening to see that some of our smallest trees survived their first winter on the croft unprotected.Some of the birds from Duncansby.

Bruiser enjoying his walk

Calves coming up the driveway, Bruiser did try and give them a ball

Steve didn’t like my Robin

This made my Robin sad

To top it all off a fantastic spontaneous visit from Steve’s parents, Carolyne and Peter.


Another major event is the arrival of a companion for Saffy, her name is Gucci and she is adorable. They deserve their own blog post so I will try and put one together soooooon!



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